About PURRfect Cat Condo

Custom Built Cat Tree Condos That Add Years To Your Cats Life!

Custom Cat Tree Condos: Safe, Strong & Cat Friendly


Just like no two trees are alike, no two PURRfect Cat Condos are alike!  Each Cat Tree Condo is a unique piece of art!

After researching what kittens and cats need to live a long and healthy life I created the ultimate Cat Tree Condo!  I guarantee that both you and your cat or kitten will love their new home and playground, as each Cat Tree Condo is built with their needs and behavior in mind.

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY is our motto here at Purrfect Cat Condo.  Each Condo Base has 4 or more adjustable feet to ensure your condo is level and sturdy, no matter what surface you put it on! See picture on the left for an example of what the underside of a condo base looks like.

Your Cat will also LOVE their oversized Cat Bed!  Each Cat Bed is 18 inches long x 18 inches deep, giving even the biggest cats plenty of room to stretch out and relax.  No other Condo offers your Cat such luxury!

We also use soft, strong fabric that is virtually indestructible, and have four different color options to choose from.  The pillow cover can also be machined washed, simply unzip the pillow cover and wash it on the delicate cycle.  Click HERE to see our fabric and color options.

Each Purrfect Cat Condo is custom made, safe, and built to last a lifetime! We use the best materials available for each Cat Tree Condo, using limbs and branches from tree species like Oak, Birch, Cherry, and even Driftwood!

And finally and most important, Purrfect Cat Condo is a GREEN Company! We never cut down live trees for the wood we use in our Cat Tree Condos.  Our wood comes from recently fallen trees, giving you strong and beautiful looking wood.

PURRfect Cat Condo.  Like Nothing You've Seen Be-FURR™

Training Your Cat (if needed)

Trianing Video: How to familiarize your Cat with their NEW Purrfect Cat Condo!

Tips on Training your Cat...

Here are just a couple of suggestions on what To Do and what Not To Do:

1) First, most cats will need no training at all. Cats are naturally programmed to be great climbers and jumpers.  You might start by just placing your cat at the foot of their new condo and see what they do - you will be surprised just how fast they explore their new home / playground.

2) Never start out by placing your cat on the cat bed at the top of the Condo and see how they make out getting down!

3) Start by getting him or her comfortable going up the stairs to the cat bed. Using treats to do this (I have found) is a great method for cats to learn how to climb their new Purrfect Cat Condo. I recommend you watch the short training video on how best to do this.

4) When they make it to the top / cat bed praise how great they did. In return your cat will show you how happy he or she is that you bought them a PURRfect Cat Condo!


PURRfect Cat Condo.  Like Nothing You've Seen Be-FURR™

Cat Condos Built To Last A Lifetime

Cutting Steps For Custom Purrfect Cat Condos

Built To Last A Lifetime!

I personally create and build every Purrfect Cat Condo to be a piece of art you will want to show off, and also a Cat Tree Condo your Cat will love to play on and sleep in!

Your cat will be able to do what they’re built for, which is to stretch, climb, scratch, and perch up high.  And they LOVE the feel of the NATURAL Bark Under Their Paws!  No more destroying your nice furniture with their claws!

I also use the dowel and glue building method, using only the strongest wood glue. Using this building method ensures a seamlessly built cat tree condo that looks like mother nature grew herself and will also last a lifetime!

Building Technics - Dowls & Glue
Steps Being Glued with Dowls, I never use crews so each Cat Condo is Seemless and Strong
Staircase in the making

PURRfect Cat Condo. Cat Tree Condos That Add Years To Your Cats Life!

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