Cat Tree Condos For A Happier & Longer Cat Life!

Bring The Outside... Inside & Make Your Cat A Happy, Healthy Cat!

According to Leading Experts, These Type of Cat Condos Can Harm Your Cat!


Key Tips To A Happier & Longer Cat Life!

If you are like me you will do and spend almost anything on your little feline friend to make sure he or she lives a happy, healthy and long life.

So I did a lot of research on feline behavior and found that Carpeted Condos can be Harmful to Your Cat!

Following these Key Tips are the key on making sure your cat has the skills needed to be safe and happy while hanging out inside because he has A Cat Tree Condo, which was built based on his needs and behaviors!

Designed To Add Years Of Happieness To Your Cats Life!

Made From Natural Hard Woods, Which Are Great For Scratching (and saves your furniture from the claws of your cat!)

Thoughtful Designs That Make For A Perfect Cat Playground (giving your cat great exercise!)

Cat Beds Up High, So Your Cat Feels Safe & Secure

Extra Large Cat Beds with 4 Pillow Color Options

Fun And Easy To Climb For Your Cat

Provides both a Cat Condo and Scratch Pole for your Cat

And... A One Of A Kind Piece Of Art For You!

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PURRfect Cat Condo. Designed With Cats & You In Mind.

Our Cat Tree Condos!

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside for your special friend with a PURRfect Cat Tree Condo. He or She will be Glad You Did!

Just like no two trees are alike, no two PURRfect Cat Condos are alike!  Each Cat Tree Condo is a unique piece of art made from natural tree branches and limbs that You will Love to Look At and your Cat will go Crazy For.

Your cats will be able to do what they’re built for which is to stretch, climb, scratch, and perch up high.  And they Love the feel of the Natural Bark Under Their Paws!

Check back often, as we add new Cat Tree Condos every week.

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About Us

As our story goes, my kids, wife and I decided to adopt a kitten.  My kids were so happy!

We went to the shelter both my kids went up to the same kitten, he was about 8 weeks old and sick.

That was that... Skittles as my kids named him, was with us two weeks later!

While we waited, we went to the Pet Store to buy him a cat condo, cat toys, food, litter box, and even more toys. 

But after looking at their Cat Condos and reading up on kitten behavior and how carpeted Cat Condos are not so great for cats, I turned to my kids and said, "Kids, we are going to build Skittles the best Cat Tree Condo Ever!" 

I should probably tell you now that for over 25 years I have been a craftsmen AND I wanted something unique and met the many needs of a kitten!

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Every PURRfect Cat Tree Condo we build is a One Of A Kind Art Piece.

Our Cat Tree Condos provide your Cat with the experience they are looking for; because I researched what a kitten or cat needs to live a long, happy and healthy life!

We've done our best to include some customization, like different pillow fabric options for the oversized cat beds.

We invite you to check out all our Cat Tree Condos.  When you find the Condo you like best, get you your FREE QUOTE by simply clicking on the "Free Quote" Button!  It is that easy.


I just LOVE my Purrfect Cat Condo and so does my kitten, Maybelline!  I was so happy when I found this site and spoke with John (the craftsmen) who builds all of these amazing Condos!  He really does put a lot of thought into each and every condo, which is a piece of art! I can say that my kitten LOVES his new Condo, he loves climbing it, scratching his paws on the natural wood and sleeping in his bed at the very top!  John is very knowledgeable about cats and their natural instincts which is why my kitten loves his new Condo as much as I do!  You can't go wrong buying one of these Condos.  They are strong, safe, come completely assembled and really are works of art.  When I have guests over they really admire the condo and we all have fun watching Maybelline enjoying herself on it!  Thank you John and Purrfect Cat Condo!  You guys are the best at what you do!

- Mayra Barreto

Have A Cat Tree Condo Design Idea? - We Will Build Your Custom Condo!

At PURRfect Cat Condo we are more than happy to build your dream Cat Condo.  If you are interested in this option just fill out the FREE QUOTE form and tell us you have a Cat Condo Plan in mind in the comments section.

We will reach out to you via email or phone to start the concept and designing process!  We can build whatever you can imagine!

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